CDK Global Suffers Ransomware Attack
Published on
June 28, 2024

The latest high-profile cyber attack has hit the firm CDK Global. While this may not be a name many people recognize, the effects are being felt across the US. CDK provides back-end technology to car dealerships and service centers across country. With the recent cyber attack, the firm is completely offline and their systems are unavailable. This has led to many dealerships being unable to sell cars or having to revert to pen and paper methods. Additionally, auto repair shops are unable to order and track parts that are needed for repair jobs.

The CDK systems are still down and the company has communicated that it anticipates their systems will remain down at least through the end of the month (June 2024).  Not a lot of detail has emerged about the cause of the ransomware attack yet, but as we learn more about the attack methods we will publish updates. In light of this recent attack, we urge you to make sure you are working with your critical vendors to ensure they have strong security practices in place and reviewing your business continuity plans to make sure you have contingency plans in place to continue to conduct business if critical systems are unavailable.

Read more from NBC on the CDK ransomware attack:


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