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Citrix's Revolutionary HDX Technology
Published on
June 12, 2019

With everything that’s virtual gaining popularity, desktop virtualization is no different. Citrix has created a revolutionary way to manage and deliver virtual desktops to any device, anytime and anywhere by utilizing their HDX technology for high-definition performance. With XenDesktop 7, the platform has been redesigned for easy user management, faster deployment and convenient support management. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that Citrix has made their product better, yet again.

Mobilize Windows

Citrix HDX has added increased optimization for the variability and packet loss problems associated with mobile networks. Citrix has increased the functionality of hardware acceleration within graphics, and within multimedia decompression on tablets and smart phones, allowing voice and video applications such as, Citrix GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync and Cisco Unified Communications. Additionally, HDX has built-in Dynamic Protocol Technology, which intelligently analyzes the capabilities of included devices to determine the optimal method of transmission.

Secure Intellectual Property

Citrix’s partnership with nVidea has allowed HDX 3DPro technology to provide the only direct GPU acceleration in a virtual desktop environment. With this, XenDesktop 7 can directly access physical GPU resources that will accelerate any version of OpenGL or DirectX graphics, and leverage CUDA instructions. This allows data to stay in the datacenter as all processing is done there. Previously, this might have required a dedicated PC to be where the user was and the data would leave the network. Now, users can easily utilize professional 3D applications from anywhere and on any device. Lastly, XenDesktop 7 introduces the easily automated setup of Remote PC Access. This allows thousands of corporate PCs to be quickly configured and secured for remote access, allowing the user to work, but forcing the data to stay on the corporate network.

Reduce cost with a Cloud-Ready Platform

One of the greatest benefits of Citrix is the reduced complexity of service delivery. This is possible through the consolidation of applications and desktop delivery onto a single infrastructure. This unified architecture can reduce the amount of required core infrastructure servers by up to 50 percent in a comparable XenApp and XenDesktop environment. Also, some of the new cost-efficient features to look forward to are: Automated App Publishing, Automated App Migration Analysis, enhanced EdgeSight Analytics user experience with increased granular monitoring and integration, and enhanced IAAS support for the private and public cloud sector.

These are just a few of the new features that the redesigned XenDesktop 7 has to offer. There are some major architectural changes that users of previous XenDesktop versions would easily recognize, and a few that wouldn’t be as easy. If XenDesktop and its environmental complexity was a deterrent in the past, or if virtualization is new for you, now is the time to visit the XenDesktop 7 High-Definition experience! Feel free to inquire about a Proof of Concept.

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