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Make Data Protection Work for You
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June 12, 2019

Over the years we've spoken with many IT teams that were tired of babysitting backups, replications, restore jobs, testing, and the remediation of all of these chores.  At CMA we've worked with all of the tools -  often several in the same datacenter.  Some are better at physical, others are good for that one app you can't get rid of, and then there's the HA or DR tool colliding with the backup you finally got to work. How can you accomplish reliable data protection on shrinking budgets, constrained technical staff, and the increasing importance of technology in your organization? Our solution is to consolidate with Veeam Availability Suite.

Veeam solutions from CMA allow you to control backups of your systems locally, copied to the cloud, replicated to second (or third) site, and even to tape.  Your valuable infrastructure will be protected including individual files, entire virtual machines, databases and apps that run your business like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, Sharepoint, and Oracle.  In addition to the power and flexibility our clients appreciate the simple licensing structure, including the ability to license by socket or rent by the virtual machine.

Areas we will assist you in:

  • Consolidate legacy backup tools into a single solution that delivers on the promise of backup, recovery, and replication
  • Cloud backup to a secure site safely out of the Gulf region and monitored by CMA
  • Managed Services to offload the day-to-day tasks of backup management, deployment, remediation, and testing
  • Consulting and up front proof of concept to try before you buy

Our clients have employed our team to help simplify data protection and make their business critical systems more available.  The feedback we receive from clients matches the slogan from Veeam, "It just works."

Are you interested in making data protection work for you?  Contact us and we'll be happy to work on a customized solution that meets your needs.

See why 50,000 Companies switched to Veeam last year: veeam_customer_satisfaction_infographics_05_05_linked

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