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Multi-factor Authentication: An added layer of security for your business
Published on
July 28, 2020

Usernames and passwords are becoming more difficult to keep safe and out of the hands of malicious actors. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) works to combat that by adding an extra layer of security when logging into your accounts.

You might not even realize that you are using MFA in your everyday life, like when you log into your bank account application and have to verify your identity with a text code. Other types of MFA that you may have seen before include phone-based applications, emails, and phone calls.

Check out CMA Director of Security, Adam Arceneaux, and Solution Specialist, Jonathan Peyton, as they explain the ins and outs of multi-factor authentication, including how affordable and easy to manage it is!

Interested in discussing your options for MFA with Adam? Contact us today!

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