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Security Awareness Training: What is it and how can it save my business?
Published on
May 14, 2020

Security awareness training has recently become a hot technology trend – and for good reason. As hackers are coming up with new ways to weasel their way into your system, security awareness training works to protect your users and your data. In simple terms, it is a set of tools and processes used to train your users and employees on internet threats, mainly those through email. It encompasses quizzes, video training, fake phishing emails, and more to help users recognize the most common threats.

At CMA, we employ a team that is ready to help you take on the task of implementing and managing your security awareness training program. Check out Adam Arceneaux, CMA Director of Security, and Jonathan Peyton, Solution Specialist, as they discuss security awareness training, including topics like:

  • The definition of security awareness training
  • The most common security threats
  • Why security awareness training is more effective than traditional security education
  • How CMA can help

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