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The IT Contract Management Process & How it can Benefit You
Published on
June 12, 2019

As a business owner or IT professional, your calendar is most likely inundated with appointments, meetings, and due dates. Remembering your everyday ‘to do’ list is a tough job, so remembering to do things that only come around once or twice a year, like renewing your IT support and maintenance contracts, can be an even more difficult task. It could also become very costly if overlooked or forgotten.

Keeping your IT support and maintenance contracts up-to-date is essential in keeping your business running smoothly. Have you ever called one of your manufacturers for support and were told that you didn’t have support or a valid contract in place? Lapses in contracts can lead to potential payment of reinstatement fees, a reduced level of service, or even worse, complete denial of service. Trust us, we know that not getting immediate support can cost your business a hefty sum. Juggling multiple contract renewals throughout the year isn’t an easy thing to do and requires discipline, organization, and time. That’s where CMA can help!

CMA’s Maintenance and Support Contracts Team has one goal in mind: Ensuring that our customers have no lapses in subscriptions, support, or maintenance. Here’s how it works! Once you purchase an asset or turn over existing manufacturer contracts to CMA, our dedicated team captures all relevant information for that asset as it pertains to subscriptions, support, or maintenance. The information is then entered into our Contract and Asset Management system so that our team can easily track your assets for on-time renewals. So, mark those IT contract renewals off your calendar! We’ve got you covered.

A few months before support is set to expire or a contract is set to renew, our talented team will thoroughly research all upcoming renewals, looking for opportunities to consolidate and co-term as many manufacturer contracts as possible. This reduces the number of renewal quotes you receive each year and cuts down on the number of contracts that you’ll need to worry about, which is a great time saver and a huge benefit when it comes to preparing annual budgets. You can thank us later!

Once you turn your contract renewal management over to CMA, you might be worried about not being in control or not knowing what’s going on with your contract renewals. We have a solution for that, too. Our team provides Maintenance Renewal Inventory Reports to all customers.  These “MRIRs” are basically a snapshot of all your contracts, support, and subscriptions, which includes essential information such as manufacturer, asset description, support levels, contract numbers, serial numbers, and coverage/support dates. At any point in time, you can get a clear picture of all current support and contracts to help you plan for your renewals. This is also great when it comes time to prepare annual budgets!

Whether you have support from one manufacturer or multiple contracts with several different manufacturers, our Maintenance and Support Contracts Team is always up for the challenge. They’re ready to take the hassle of contract management off your plate and off your calendars. If you think you might be interested, email to inquire!

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