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Top 5 Trends and Features to Look for in Your Next Video Surveillance System
Published on
June 12, 2019

If you’re considering upgrading to an IP video camera system, now is a great time to do so. With the increase of workplace-related crimes and malicious incidents on the rise, remote video monitoring is an ideal way for your organization’s security team to keep track of the facility. Today’s wireless video and tracking systems are getting not only smarter, but also cheaper. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 video surveillance trends and features.

  1. Lower Costs and More Choices: Depending on the complexity of the system you want to design, as well as the size of your organization’s physical location, the capital cost of video surveillance technologies may seem difficult to calculate. However, the ROI may be immeasurable when it comes to helping to maintain a safe and secure work environment. The good news is that the production cost of video surveillance technologies has been falling because of increased competition entering the marketplace.
  2. Greater Simplicity and Ease of Use: The new software platforms for video surveillance systems are designed to be more user-friendly than ever before. Almost two-thirds of video systems are now software-based as opposed to the older network video recorder technology that is being phased out.
  3. More Industry-based Solutions: Because of increased competition, video surveillance manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves by designing systems that are built to meet the needs of certain industries. Verticals include solutions designed and built for industries like transportation, construction, education, and healthcare.
  4. Easier Integration with Older Systems: In the past, trying to integrate new video systems with older ones like CCT and Access Control meant calling customer service for guidance on the phone or having a video professional complete the job. Now, integrating systems is easily achieved by using Software Developer Kits (SDKs), which contain basic data instructions so you can share information at a database level. Integration provides autonomous information sharing and live updating of multiple systems.
  5. Increased Mobile Access via Smartphone or Tablet: Users are demanding more access to surveillance footage through their mobile device, especially as site managers are issued smartphones and tablets to help them carry out their daily tasks. Most video surveillance manufacturers now have an app that makes controlling cameras and receiving screen captures and alerts from alarms much easier.

The combination of technological advancements in video surveillance with lower production costs are making IP videos systems more affordable than ever while still delivering high value. But your video system is only as good as the computing power behind it. IBM Power Systems deliver the performance, capacity, and scalability to meet the demands of your IP video system.

If you have questions on how IBM Power Systems can meet your video security needs, CMA Technology Solutions would be happy to help. To speak with one of our experienced specialists, please call 800-349-9200 or visit our website.

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